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The Best Paragliding Tours in Bali

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Are you prepared for an incredible journey that combines breathtaking scenery, heart-pounding excitement, and the freedom of flight? There is no need to look any further than Bali, the charming Indonesian paradise that not only enchants visitors with its lush scenery and immaculate beaches but also provides an exceptional paragliding experience unlike any other. Here's a list of The Best Paragliding Tours in Bali that you can use for choosing the perfect tour that fits you!

Bali Paragliding Tours 

Fly over the stunning, isolated beach while taking in the cliff ridge, azure water, and beach with Bali Paragliding Tours that already operated Since 1995, Tandem Paragliding has been offered in Bali. We are the first to fly in Bali and do so at the most secure location. 

Piloted by a highly skilled local paragliding pilot with years of expertise and thousands of satisfied clients. Both takeoff and landing are easy and smooth. Fly and fly very far in the air. simple and hands-free when flying. 

Bali Paragliding Tours

Price: starts from $10 for 15 Minutes Tandem paragliding flight includes Photo/Video

Phone: +62 852 3704 1667

Location: Jalan Gunung Payung Desa kutuh Kuta Selatan


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Riug Paragliding

RIUG Paragliding will help you spread your wings. They guarantee a safe and enjoyable flight whether you fly solo or in tandem. The excellent facilities are what set Riug Paragliding apart from other tandem paragliding providers in Bali. Riug Paragliding has a 3,000 square meter space.

The Riug Paragliding may be found at Jl. Villa The Santi Residence in Banjar. Nusa Dua, Sawangan. Along with the sunset, they offer a stunning view of the Kuta cliffs and the ocean that is sure to capture you. If you live within 5 miles of their radius, a complimentary shuttle is included in their pricing.

RIUG Paragliding

Price: starts from $53.28 until $66.60

Phone: +6281 1399 878

Location: Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 67, Gedung Alamanda LT. 5, Badung

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Nyang Nyang Paragliding

The only paramotor and paragliding school in Bali, Nyang Nyang Paragliding also invented the sport of paragliding in Uluwatu. In addition to working with the Indonesian Aerosport Federation (FASI) to distribute paragliding and powered paragliding equipment, Nyang Nyang Paragliding's instructors are members of the Asian Continental Paragliding Association, the Paragliding World Cup Association, and the Indonesian National Paragliding Team. 

Additionally, Nyang Nyang is the only paragliding business that partners with one of Indonesia's largest insurance companies to give coverage for all of its visitors up to IDR 250 million through Jasa Raharja Putra's personal insurance.

You will have the best views of Uluwatu's magnificent temples, precipitous cliffs, and breathtaking beaches when you fly over them because the flight zone was near Nyang Nyang beach. 
The 15-minute flight gave us more than enough time to take in the scenery.

Nyang Nyang Paragliding

Price: the prices is depending on your needs, check out their website below

Phone: +628778480400 or +6281239118248

Location: Jl. Karang Pandawa, Kutuh, Kuta Selatan, Badung, Bali

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Fly Bali Paragliding

In Bali, Indonesia, a well-known paragliding business called Fly Bali Paragliding provides a variety of paragliding services to both experts and novices. The company has a reputation for having skilled pilots and a dedication to safety.

They provide tandem flights, which let people enjoy the excitement of paragliding while a certified and experienced pilot flies alongside them. This choice is appropriate for people who want to experience the adventure without having any prior paragliding instruction or experience.

For those new to paragliding who are interested in learning how to fly on their own, Fly Bali Paragliding may also provide paragliding classes. These programs normally include in-depth training sessions and hands-on lessons to impart the skills and safety precautions required for solo paragliding.

Fly Bali Paragliding

Price: starts from $110/pax for 15 minutes includes insurance, photos, and video

Phone: +62812 3916 918

Location: Jln. Pura Melang Kelod, Desa Kutuh, Kuta Selatan, Bali 80363

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Bali Paragliding

Bali Paragliding has been established since 2014. They offer highly dependable and skilled pilots who will ensure that your journey is enjoyable and safe. Bali Paragliding is located in the Sawangan Nusa Dua area of the Kuta Selatan District of the Badung Region of Bali.

They had two paragliding sites, the Ulu Paragliding site, and Bali Paragliding Flying Park Sawangan. For further details, their pilot is a professional paragliding pilot with extensive international and national expertise. 

Bali Paragliding

Price: starts from $79.91

Phone: +62813 2014 2014

Location: Link Permata Nusa Dua Block F8 No 8 Benoa, Kuta Selatan, Badung, Bali 80363

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Timbis Paragliding

One of Bali's first and most reputable paragliding companies, Timbis Paragliding has been in business since 1995. This Bali paragliding activity provider business is renowned for its dedication to the security of participants. 

Timbis Paragliding provides the chance to experience flight while being accompanied by experienced pilots. Additionally, tandem paragliding flight experiences are created for newbies or people trying out paragliding for the first time. The location is Kutuh Village in the Badung Region of Bali's South Kuta District.

Paragliding will launch from the top of a hillside close to one of Bali's most well-known tourist destinations, Pandawa Beach, and take in views of Bali's southern coastline, cliffs, and ocean. Therefore, taking part in paragliding activities is an exhilarating and distinctive way to experience Bali's natural beauty from a distance.

Timbis Paragliding

Price: starts from $90.19

Phone: +6281 2391 6918

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