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With the thrilling excitement of a helicopter charter, you can elevate your experience in Bali to new heights. Fly over the stunning landscapes of the island and take in panoramic views of the pristine beaches, lush jungles, and famous sites. Helicopter flights in Bali provide a singular and spectacular way to experience the grandeur of the island, whether it's a gorgeous joy trip, a practical airport transfer, or a custom tour. Join us as we present a hand-selected list of Bali's top helicopter charter companies, each of which promises an amazing flight.

Mason sky tour

Mason sky tour is a business that offers Bali helicopter trips. The business, which has been in business for more than 20 years, is well known for its commitment to both client satisfaction and safety. situated in Bali's Seminyak. Most hotels in Seminyak and Canggu can be picked up and dropped off by the operator for free.

Mason Sky Tours offers a variety of tours, such as:

  • Scenic tours: These excursions take you past some of Bali's most well-known sights, including the Gili Islands, Uluwatu Temple, and the Kintamani Volcano.
  • Narrated tours: On these flights, experienced pilots will teach you about Bali's past and present while you fly.
  • Private tours can range from a flight above rice paddies to a visit to a far-off waterfall, depending on your individual interests.

A 30-minute flight costs $225 per person on average. Additionally, Mason Sky Tours offers discounts to children and the elderly.

The helicopters used by Mason Sky Tours are approved by the Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority. The company's pilots are very skilled and knowledgeable about the Balinese landscape.

I suggest booking a helicopter tour with Mason Sky Tours if you want to experience Bali in a special and breathtaking way. The company offers a variety of trips to fit your interests and financial capabilities.

The following are some benefits of scheduling a helicopter tour with Mason Sky Tours:

  • You'll have a fresh perspective on Bali.
  • Your pilot will educate you about the background and culture of Bali.
  • You'll get to feel the exhilaration of a helicopter flight.
  • You'll create moments that you'll cherish forever.
Mason Sky Tour 

Price: estimated 3,362,737.50 IDR ($225 USD) / each person / 30 Minutes
Location: Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai Pesanggaran, Pemogan, Denpasar Selatan, Bali 80221
Phone : 
+62 361 721480

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Fly Bali Heli

FlyBaliHeli offers the chance to experience Bali's breathtaking beauty from above. Imagine riding in the comfort and safety of a state-of-the-art helicopter as you soar above vividly green rice terraces, gushing waterfalls, stunning beaches, and historic temples. Each flight offers a completely comprehensive experience that incomparably showcases the island's natural wonders and cultural heritage.
The most well-liked routes include:

  • Embark on an exhilarating drive around the island's breathtaking coastline, passing famed Kuta Beach and taking in the beautiful Uluwatu Temple set atop towering cliffs. Kuta Beach and Uluwatu Temple Tour.
  • Experience the lush splendor of Bali's interior as you soar above the town of Ubud and marvel at the terraced landscapes of Tegalalang, taking pictures that are fit for a postcard along the way.
  • Adventurers who seek new heights can join the Mount Batur and Lake Batur Tour, which offers an unmatched vantage point from which to witness the beautiful Mount Batur volcano and its tranquil surrounding lake.

The cost to fly from Bali's famous Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue to Uluwatu Temple, Nyang Nyang Beach, and Melasti Beach ranges from $40 for up to 4 passengers.

A variety of packages are available from FlyBaliHeli to suit various spending limits and tastes. The length of the flight and the route taken affect the cost. On their website, FlyBaliHeli offers straightforward pricing and easy online booking options to create a positive user experience.

Their modern helicopter fleet is equipped with plush seats, large windows, and improved safety features to ensure a comfortable and safe flight. Throughout the flight, the highly skilled pilots prioritize passenger safety and provide enlightening commentary to help you better understand and appreciate Bali's rich cultural heritage.

Whether you're traveling to celebrate a special occasion, plan a romantic getaway, or just indulge your sense of adventure, FlyBaliHeli will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. Get ready for an incredible journey above Bali's allure by booking your flight right away.

Fly Bali Heli

Price: ranges from 597,840.00 IDR ($40) for up to 4 passengers.
Location: Fly Bali Heliport, Ungasan, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363
+62 821 4691 0299

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Air Bali Helicopter

AirBali Helicopter Tours takes your Bali experience to new heights, quite literally. Imagine soaring above lush rice terraces, dramatic volcanic landscapes, turquoise coastlines, and ancient temples, all from the privileged perspective of a state-of-the-art helicopter. With AirBali, you have the opportunity to witness the island's natural wonders in all their glory, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

With the variety of intriguing sightseeing options offered by AirBali Helicopter Tours, you can explore Bali's famous sites and undiscovered jewels from a completely different angle. Here are just a few of their outstanding tours:

  • Bali World Heritage Tour: Set out on a captivating adventure that highlights the cultural and natural wonders of Bali. Observe the magnificent Jatiluwih rice terraces, the revered Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, and the mesmerizing Mount Agung.
  • Bali Beach and Cliff Tour: Fly over beautiful beaches, majestic cliffs, and secret coves to discover the charm of Bali's gorgeous coastline. Enjoy the panoramic views from Dreamland Beach, the famed Uluwatu Temple, and the dramatic Nusa Dua coastline.
  • Volcano and Lakes Tour: This tour provides a spectacular encounter with Bali's volcanic landscapes for the more daring travelers. Fly above Mount Batur and its crater lake, see Mount Agung, an active volcano, and be mesmerized by Lake Bratan's calm beauty.

A 20-minute tour of Tanah Lot Temple and Seminyak Coastline costs as little as $1200. A variety of packages are available from AirBali Helicopter Tours to accommodate various spending limits and tastes. The length of the flight and the preferred route affect price.

With AirBali Helicopter Tours, you can experience Bali's breathtaking beauty in a way that is truly extraordinary. They promise an extraordinary journey that exceeds all expectations with bespoke excursions, magnificent aerial views, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you're commemorating a significant event, looking for a romantic break, or just in the mood.

Air Bali Helicopter

Price: estimated 17,934,000.00 IDR ($1200) for 20 minutes tour
Location: Fly Bali Heliport, Ungasan, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363
+62 821 4691 0299

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JAG Bali Copter

From above, the Balicopter reveals a whole new world of Bali's natural marvels. You'll encounter Bali's spectacular beauty in ways you've never imagined thanks to Balicopter, snapping breath-blowing pictures and experiencing the true spirit of this tropical paradise.

Discover Bali's iconic sights and well-kept secrets from a brand-new vantage point with Balicopter's enticing selection of sightseeing alternatives. Look into the options:

  • Bali Cultural and Heritage Tour: As you soar above some of Bali's most notable monuments, begin a fascinating tour through the island's rich culture and past. Admire the Tanah Lot and Besakih Temples' ageless majesty, get lost in Ubud's creative allure, and be in awe of the Tegallalang Rice Terraces' terraced splendor.
  • Island Paradise and Coastal Wonders Tour: As you soar above the azure waters, take in the tropical charm of Bali's gorgeous coasts and enchanting islands. Discover the pristine splendor of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, take in the stunning view of Kelingking Beach, and be captivated by the dramatic attraction of Devil's Tears.
  • The Waterfalls and Volcanic Marvels Tour: promises a thrilling encounter with Bali's natural beauties for nature lovers. Enjoy the view of flowing waterfalls, such as the magnificent Sekumpul Waterfall, and be in awe of Mount Batur's towering presence and its lovely crater lake.

A 20-minute excursion that passes one of the largest statues in the world, the GWK Statue, before proceeding south to the incredible Uluwatu temple perched on a cliff's edge, followed by the picturesque Melasti beach and Nyang Nyang beach, for as little as $700.

A variety of packages are offered by Balicopter to suit various spending limits and tastes. The length of the flight and the preferred route affect price.

You can count on the highest level of safety and comfort during your helicopter tour when you hire Balicopter. They have a fleet of contemporary helicopters with plush interiors, big windows, and advanced safety technology.

JAG Bali Copter 

Price: estimated 10,461,850.00 IDR ($700) for 20 minutes tour
Phone: +62 821 4691 0299

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Urban Air

By providing amazing helicopter tours that highlight a city's throbbing energy and architectural wonders, UrbanAir Official raises the bar for sightseeing. Imagine yourself riding in the comfort and exhilaration of a cutting-edge helicopter as you soar above imposing skyscrapers, busy city streets, and magnificent cityscapes. With UrbanAir Official, you'll get to experience in a way that few others do the lively pulse of a city.

Discover the hidden treasures and famous monuments of cities with the engaging sightseeing alternatives offered by UrbanAir Official. Get ready for a brand-new kind of urban exploration:

  • Skyline and Architecture Tour: Soar above a city's recognizable skyline as you take in its architectural marvels and urban design beauty. Discover well-known attractions including towering buildings, ancient ruins, and recognizable bridges while obtaining a fresh perspective on the design and growth of the city.
  • Cultural and legacy Expedition: As you soar above a city's iconic sites, storied neighborhoods, and world-class museums, you can fully experience its rich cultural legacy. Discover the mosaic of various communities, observe cultural events from above, and learn about the city's past and present.
  • Experience the charm of a city's nighttime ambiance as it comes alive with a colorful display of lights and vitality on the Night Lights and Colorful City Tour. Create lasting memories as you take in the glittering cityscape, take in the energy of the nightlife areas, and photograph magnificent views of illuminated monuments.

A 12-minute tour of the GWK Statue, Jimbaran, Uluwatu Temple, Nyang Nyang Beach, and Melasti Beach costs as little as $370.

A variety of packages are offered by UrbanAir Official to suit various spending limits and tastes. The chosen itinerary and the length of the flight affect the cost.

When you hire UrbanAir Official, you can be sure that your helicopter tour will be as safe and comfortable as possible. with tailored helicopter excursions, breathtaking aerial views, and a steadfast dedication to client pleasure.

Urban Air 

Price: estimated 5,528,540.00 IDR ($370) for 12 minutes tour
Location: Jl. Melasti, Ungasan, Kec. Kuta Selatan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Phone: +6281329762967

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